These are our five governing pillars


The music industry suffers from incomplete and inconsistent overviews. Therefore together we must address the entire flow from musical works, sound recordings to streaming data. Together with music industry partners we build solutions to solve this problem, while also integrating these in your current workflows.

Privacy by Design

Privacy by design aims at building privacy and data protection up front, into the design specifications and architecture of information and communication systems and technologies, in order to facilitate transparency compliance with privacy and data protection principles. We strongly support this and build our software accordingly.

Separation of Data Powers

The separation and balance between powers, known as the Trias Politica, has been the central principle of government for 2500 years, and is a necessary condition for trust within societies. We all demand more control over private data, also for copyright. We realize this by distributed ledger technologies built for enterprises.

Industry Standards

We embrace existing standards in software, music and compliance, e.g. DDEX, ISRC, ISWC, UPC, IPI, ISNI for music. We also support the Open Music Initiative's API and Mycelia's Creative Passport. Corda is compliant with standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). With Microsoft we work on adhering to assurance standards like ISAE 3000 for non-financial information.

Digital Identity

We work closely with (digital) identity providers for people, processes and products to ensure KYC and AML-compliance. New technology & framework developments like W3C-DID, SSI, ESSIF and eiDAS we follow closely and implement when possible. We work with the Dutch Authority for Identity (RVIG) and align with their developments and European counterparts.