Our team brings together seasoned experts in software development (enterprise, open source), digital platforms, decentralised ecosystems, the music industry, media & copyright law, data standards, data analytics, data privacy, interaction design, innovation diplomacy, political philosophy and public-private partnerships.

Founding members have led multiparty consortia, built and sold startups, built industry leading software, and built open Internet standards used in every web browser today.

Daan Archer
Partners, Product & Technology. Expert in blockchain platforms & music copyright. 8 yrs data startups. 20 yrs software development (AI, data). Former lead Open Music Initiative (Technical Working Groups), MIT Sloan Fellow, MIT Media Lab, Dutch technology diplomat in Japan. MBA from MIT, MSc in CS/AI/ML. Lifelong skateboarder.
Olaf van Wijk
Lead blockchain architect, developer & digital identity expert. 15+ years software dev experience, also data analytics (eg KLM). Former core IOTA advisory tech team (solved a huge problem in IOTA itself). Token model expert. Loves Rust.
Amke Block
Chief Alliances Officer
Seasoned expert in music industry, publishing, indie associations, DAOs, NFTs, policy, regulation, open protocols, metadata. Early innovator. Fmr Surround, Reeperbahn Festival, Audiomagnet.
Jasper Wagenmans
Chief Commercial Officer
Electronic Music (EDM) expert. Worked with global top in EDM (DJs, labels, publishers). Fmr leadership position at David Lewis Agency. Expert in Talent Management, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships.
Geert Theuws
Chief Legal
15+ years of IP litigation. Former partner at leading pan-European IP boutique
Erik Beijnoff
Chief Strategy
Music industry expert & blockchain architect. 20+ yrs software development. Built Spotify Browse 1.0 (with exit to Spotify). Fmr architect lead at Spotify, Open Music Initiative & IBM developer. Blockchain since 2011.
Stephane Moquette
Chief Data Officer
15+ years software development. Expert data scientist. Guru in Python Pandas. Former CTO.
Mario Olislaegers
Lead Corda developer
Rockstar enterprise software engineer (blockchain, identity). Also does front-end when needed. Token model expert.
Daniele Musio
Head of Design
UI, UX, HTML5, Branding. Webflow guru. Fmr at Eindhoven Design Academy and famous design studios in Italy.
Frank Kimenai
Chief Public Partnerships & Funding
Aka “Punk diplomat”. Fmr board member artist organisations incl. Dutch music managers (MMF-NL) & EU-music managers (EMMA).
Robert de Groot
Web3 Partnerships & Strategy
Manages partnerships at the Swarm Foundation. Expert in scaling operations. Co-created Hybrix, a novel blockchain API protocol, raised 3 million euro and created a 15 FTE nonprofit.
Miel Soeterbroek
Lead DevOps engineer
Incl. AWS, Java, APIs. 15+ years software development
Philipp Stürmer
AI software developer
Reverse engineering generative AI-music into fractional & derivative ownership. Earlier built our AI-analytics engine to decode live music to ownership (live venues, 1B+ live recordings on Youtube, TikTok etc). Comes from JADS, our data monastery partner with 2000+ data scientists. Applied PhD in AI. MSc. in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University.

Advisory Board

Mariana Gomez de la Villa
ING Blockchain & Innovation lead. Fintech guru. 10+ yrs PSPs (payment service providers). CeFPro Advisory Board. High-energy, action-oriented, strategic expert with 20 yrs in financial industry. Fmr WEF, Citibank & GlobalCollect.
Ed Simnett
Global Technology Executive, Alchemist mentor. Fmr Nokia, Microsoft, GigaOM. Created strategy and delivered new products in diverse technology segments for multinationals and start-ups. Launched a $1B business for Microsoft Azure. HBS MBA & Baker Scholar. Loves to solve hard problems.
Michael Lau
National Chair of Association Of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP). Ops. Comm. Member The MLC (US). Former COO & CTO Round Hill Music (Capital), Open Music Initiative & Warner Chappell. Advisor & Mentor NYU Steinhardt Music & Berklee College of Music.
Alicia DeSantola
Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Univ. of Washington. Organisational Behavior & Startup Scaling PhD from Harvard Business School & award winning thesis analyzing the success and failure of 6,000 startups. Former consultant. PhD & Fellow HBS, MS Stanford.
Sanne Kanis
VP Biz Dev in Tech and Media. Startup founder (podcasts). Former executive at Spotify UK, Google NL, Booking. Has own column at the Dutch FT. Author of 2 books. Insead MBA.
Paul Chodirker
Music Legal & Web3 expert. Formerly Dir. Entertainment & BizDev @ Polygon Labs, Head of BizDev & Partnerships @ NEAR, Senior Director Business Affairs at Live Nation, Former media lawyer @ Gilbert's LLP.

Governance & Progress Board

Daan Archer
Jason Kap
Global software licensing expert. CEO of high-end technology advisory and software company. Former partner at Microsoft (under CEO) where for 10 years he eg was responsible the price of Windows worldwide. Former MIT Sloan Fellow with Daan.
Olaf van Grieken
Partner at VanLoman tax legal advisory (50 FTE, global clients). Has extensive experience in structuring investments in EU, US, and Japan. Fmr Coopers & Lybrand and KPMG Meijburg. Has three MAs: business economics, law and accountancy.


David Sesti
Ambassador extraordinaire
Mr. VIP & Group Director at Entourage Group.


Welcome to the Pillars section of our website. Here, we discuss the key technologies and techniques that form the foundation of our products and services. These pillars are essential for ensuring the reliability, performance, and scalability of our offerings. We will provide an overview of each pillar and explain how they work together to support our business.

Separation of
Data Powers

Traditionally, the separation and balance between powers has been the key principle of government. Known as the 'trias politica', this principle is a necessary condition for trust within societies, and has existed for over 2500 years. We separate powers by enabling you to control your data and decide who to share it with.

Data Sovereignty
& Privacy by Design

Rightful owners should control who has access to their data. Privacy-by-design means privacy and data protection are at the forefront design specifications, architecture of information, and communication systems and technologies. This facilitates compliance with privacy and data protection principles (*).


We believe in the Dutch consensus decision-making model that has been described as a pragmatic recognition of pluriformity and cooperation despite differences. The model comes from socio-economic policymaking in the 1980/90s (**). 'Polder' means tracts of land enclosed by dikes (since to not drown in the Netherlands we have to work together). DRX applies and scales this model digitally.

Digital Identity

We work closely with identity providers for people, processes and products. Open Signum's technology acts as a "blind gateway", built on open source software, and also can act as a privacy-by-design custodian, eg on transactions between verified attestations.

Decentralized Governance

Distributed storage of data and decentralized governance models provide trust. Governance occurs through a versatile and fine-grained rights model with a multilayered structure of custodians that control different aspects of current and future Open Signum protocols, code and potential networks.

Verified Attestations

Granular attestation levels per record verify correctness of the information stored on clustered ledgers. These also are aimed at correctly accounting for attribution. With others we continue to develop better regulated & decentralized incentive mechanisms for innovation ecosystems.

Media Value Chain

The media industry suffers greatly from incomplete and inconsistent rights owner information. Together we must address the entire flow of musical works, sound recordings, licensing and royalty payments. Together with industry partners we build solutions to solve this problem.


The music industry suffers from incomplete and inconsistent overviews. Therefore together we must address the entire flow from musical works, sound recordings to streaming data. Together with music industry partners we build solutions to solve this problem, while also integrating these in your current workflows.

Industry Standards

We embrace existing standards in software, music and compliance, e.g. RDx, DDEX, ISRC, ISWC, UPC, IPI, ISNI for music. In addition we support the Open Music Initiative's API and Mycelia's Creative Passport. With Microsoft we work closely on adhering to assurance standards like ISAE 3000 for non-financial information.

(*) The privacy by design framework was developed by Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, following her joint work with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in 1995. Source:

(**) The Dutch polder model is characterised by the tri-partist cooperation between employers' organisations, labour unions and the government. These talks are embodied in the Dutch Social-Economic Council which serves as the central forum to discuss labour issues and has a long tradition of consensus, often defusing labour conflicts and avoiding strike actions. Similar models are in use in Finland, namely the Comprehensive Income Policy Agreement and universal validity of collective labour agreements.
It is thought that the privacy/IP-lawyer and politician Ina Brouwer was the first to use the term "poldermodel" in her 1990 article ("Socialism as Polder Model?"). Source: Wikipedia.

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