Next generation tools

for music royalties,

licensing AND PAYMENTS

Since life is too short to chase royalties.

What can copyright delta do for you?

Distribute to Web3

New revenue streams with instant royalty monitoring and processing

Control Your Rights

Register your music and art in your DRX-banking blockchain vault

Find your missing money

Analytics and forensics for your royalty statements

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Get familiar with DRX

Experience the future of digital rights management with the Digital Rights Exchange & Network (DRX). Built on cutting-edge technologies developed by a global banking blockchain consortium, DRX puts you in control of your data and access to it.

Our software and network are hosted on reliable cloud platforms, and you can even self-host your masters (such as music or VR) in encrypted peer-to-peer networks. DRX also supports third-party Royalty NFTs. Let us provide the tools, vaults, and infrastructure you need to succeed.

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Copyright Delta is building the next generation web3 tools for music royalty capture, security and payments. They are doing it the right way.

Executive in Web3 Layer1, former Lawyer in the Music Industry.
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