DIGITAL Rights Exchange & Network

All vaults in the network are connected, searchable, but can control their visibility.

Stakeholders like rights owners control their data and decide what to share with whom. Vaults that are connected in the network benefit from verified royalties, fast payments, reduced costs and enhanced compliance. We are expanding the DRX-network one vault at the time.

The network and its vaults are build on banking blockchain technologies (with its core building blocks originally developed by a global banking consortium) and have been extended with additional (third party) features and products, all together with a specific focus on the music industry and the emerging Web3.

we solve problems for

music users

Verify who to pay, ensure royalties end up in the right place, and reduce your liabilities.

Our tools reduce uncertainty around rights ownership and are closely aligned with new EU-legislation.

music owners & admins

Verify your royalty shares, automate licensing and obtain the most revenue for your music - while always control your data and the access to it.

Create your own data vault and join the DRX-network. Our infrastructure is being built to communicate with other blockchains and databases (since we believe in global interoperable ecosystems) that needs to identify you as a rights owner and license your music. Our system also enables legally licensed music NFTs.